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Ultimate Branding Project Management - Notion Template

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Ultimate Branding Project Management Version 1.0

If you are a Graphic Designer / Logo Designer who is looking for a Well-Organized System which can be used over and over again for each and every Branding Project. Then This Ultimate Branding Project Management System is for you.

Features of this Notion Template: -

  1. Very Easy to Understand and Use
  2. Document Templates are Already Given

  3. It covers all the Steps of Branding & Logo Design Process

  4. Beautiful Structure and Amazing Aesthetic

Structure of the Notion Template

  1. Client Onboarding
    • Branding Brief Template
    • Quotation Template
    • Invoice Template
    • Client Onboarding Checklist
  2. Brand Research
  3. Competitor's Study
  4. Brand Strategy
  5. Inspiration Gathering
  6. Concept Sketching
  7. Concept Development
  8. Color Selection
  9. Mockups
  10. Branding Presentation
  11. Brand Guidelines
    • Brand Guidelines Template (with Example)

This is Verion 1.0. We are Working on it and will improve it very soon. New thing will be added. Please Follow us to stay updated.

See this Notion Template in Action:

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Well Organized Branding Project Management System for Freelancers

Brand Guidelines
Branding Brief
Quotation & Invoice
Sample Project


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Ultimate Branding Project Management - Notion Template

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